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(formerly Bargaining)

RATING:  Teen and Adult
SPOILERS:  Revenge of the Sith
CHARACTERS: Padmé, Anakin (Vader), Luke, Leia, OCs
PAIRINGS: Padmé/Anakin (Padmé/Vader)
TIMELINE:  Inter-trilogy - 3 years before “A New Hope”. 
SUMMARY:  Alternate Universe where Obi-Wan did not win the battle on Mustafar, Vader was not disfigured and Padmé did not die.


This story is my first foray into the Star Wars fandom.  I am eternally grateful to Leia Naberrie for all the invaluable help she provided.
Chapter One
posted 6.19.07
Chapter Two
posted 6.19.07
Chapter Three
posted 6.28.07
Chapter Four
posted 7.5.07
Chapter Five
posted 7.10.07
Chapter Six
posted 7.14.07
Chapter Seven
posted 7.29.07
Chapter Eight
posted 7.30.07
Chapter Nine
posted 8.3.07
Chapter Ten
posted 8.3.07
Chapter Eleven
posted 8.15.07
Chapter Twelve
posted 8.18.07
Chapter Thirteen
posted 9.3.07
Chapter Fourteen
posted 9.6.07
Teen rated
Adult rated
Chapter Fifteen
posted 10.2.07
Teen rated
Adult rated
Chapter Sixteen
posted 10.29.07
Chapter Seventeen
posted 11.6.07
Chapter Eighteen
posted 2.13.08
Chapter Nineteen
Chapter Twenty

Everything He Never Wanted (1/1) - posted 10.23.07
Vignette that accompanies Sins of the Father, but is not part of the main storyline.  Adult.  Set 2 years before SotF.  Angel\Vader.

Do No Harm (1/1) - posted 10.28.07
Vignette to accompany Sins of the Father, but not part of the main storyline.  Adult themes but no explicit content.  Set 2 years before SotF.  Two health care professionals are summoned to the Imperial Palace.  Creepy little Halloween fic.  Angel/Vader.

The Way of the Dragon (1/1) - posted 2.2.08

Vignette to accompany Sins of the Father, but not part of the main storyline.  Rated G.  A look at Emperor Skywalker as a father.

When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best (1/1) - posted 2.13.08
Vader/Angel.  Adult rating for language and themes, but not sexual content.  It's set 7 years prior to the main SotF storyline.

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