indie's Star Wars fanfiction recommendations
(I'm not very well read in the Star Wars universe right now, so I expect to expand on this quickly)

Through a Mirror Darkly by Leia Naberrie (Vader/Padme)
Summary :  In a galaxy that never was, a young Sith Lord named Darth Vader falls in love with the one thing that he can never have.

Kaleidoscope by Leia Naberrie (Vader/Padme)
Summary :  A long time ago, in a galaxy that never was, Lord Vader continues his quest for the one thing a Sith should never, ever have. Sequel of sorts to Through A Mirror Darkly.

Mortal Instruments by Leia Naberrie (Padme/Anakin)
Summary : Snippets from the life of Padmé Naberrie, ward of Palpatine. AU.


The Protege by Jedi Nemo
Summary:  Darth Vader has an unsettling encounter within the Imperial Palace.

The Nature of the Enemy by Jedi Nemo
Summary: Darth Vader interrogates Leia Organa on board the Death Star. Hints of noncon, but only hints.

The Jedi Way by Jedi Nemo
Summary: In a universe where Anakin never fell, and the Jedi Order is intact, there is only one way for Luke Skywalker to become a Jedi. AU.

Next of Kin by Jedi Nemo
Summary: Three years after the fall of the Republic, a visitor comes to the Lars homestead. An AU sprung from the early chapters of the Vader Chronicles.

The Vader Chronicles by Jedi Nemo
Summary:  Tales in the life of Darth Vader.This mostly Vader perspective story follows his life from the end of ROTS through the end of ROTJ.

Come with Me by Jedi Nemo
Summary:  On a landing platform on the moon of Endor, a decision is made. AU. Some events referenced are detailed in The Vader Chronicles.

That Which Remains by Jedi Nemo
Summary:  A sequel to Come With Me. It's been two years since Darth Vader destroyed Palpatine at Endor and helped the Alliance reforge the Republic, but swapping allegiences has not made his path any easier.


Father's Heart by Fernwithy
Summary :
During Princess Leia's teenage years, she discovers a friend in an unlikely -- and disturbing -- person: Lord Vader.

The Only Question by Fernwithy
Summary :  
When Vader captures Leia on Bespin, he asks her only one question... the one she knows she can never answer.


The Legacy by Kelli_LB
Summary: What if Vader discovered Leia to be his daughter when she was a child? How would she have handled the transition? How would her life have changed?


Five People Jacen Solo Still Loves by


Destiny Can Wait by Haydens_Angel81
Summary: Before Anakin pledges himself to the Sith he feels Padme is in trouble. When he goes to her it changes the course of events. Together they go into hiding to protect their twins but Anakin still has a destiny to fullfill and demons to overcome.


Anabasis by  Fialleril
Summary: Eight months ago, Darth Vader turned on his master in order to save his secret wife. Now, he lives as a prisoner in the Jedi temple. But he finds himself with a most unlikely ally: Jedi Master Yan Dooku. Very AU.


Nocturne by Jedi_Em
The Republic falls and the Jedi Order is all but completely destroyed.  In the wake of betrayal, help comes from a surprising new ally.

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