The Senator's Wife

SPOILERS:  prequel trilogy
Padmé, Vader, Senator Bail Organa
PAIRINGS:  Padme/Vader, mentions of Padme/Anakin, Padme/Bail and Vader/Other
SUMMARY:  AU created during AotC.  Padme and Anakin never married.
NOTES:  This is a universe rather than a single story.  I intend to fill in different parts with small vignettes as time permits.

Small Mercies  - posted 2.13.08
Rating: Teen
set 2 months after RotS.
Lord Vader has unfinished business.

Old New Borrowed Blue - posted 2.14.08
Rating:  Adult
Set 3 months after Small Mercies

Condolences - posted 5.23.08
Rating:  Gen
Set a few months after Old New Borrowed Blue, Luke and Leia are about nine months old.

The Senator's Wife posted 8.26.07
Rating: Adult
set 4 years after RotS. 
In an opulent apartment, Senator Organa’s wife waits for her lover and catalogs her sins.

Mine posted 9.13.07
Rating: Adult
Set 8 weeks after the events of The Senator's Wife
Lady Organa and Lord Vader have a candid discussion

Negotiations: posted 1.22.08
Rating: Adult
Set 7 years after RotS
Lord Vader attempts to do the right thing.

Patient History:  posted 2.5.08
Rating:  Teen
Set the morning after Negotiations
Darth Vader, Dr. Kyah Hess

:  posted 9.20.07
Rating: Teen
Set 15 years after RotS
Nothing stays hidden forever.

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