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5.23.08    A new story in The Senator's Wife series, Condolences, is up.  It's rated Gen.  It's set a couple of months after Old New Borrowed Blue.  Luke and Leia are about nine months old.  Padme goes home to visit Naboo.

New story, Indelible Marks.  It's Vader/Padme in an AU where Anakin wasn't trained by Obi-Wan and never married Padme.  Also, my untitled story now has a title.  It's called Grace.

3.15.08    I revised and reposted the first chapter of To Serve in Heaven.  Anakin/Padme, rated G for now.  I also posted the second chapter in that series.  My untitled series is still untitled, but I finished and posted the second chapter.  It's G for now.  AU.  Leia/Han, Anakin/Padme, Luke, Obi-Wan.

2.14.08    So I got my update finished.  Warnings, it's rough.  No beta and I really rushed through it so I'm sure there are typos and non-GFFA lingo that will be edited at some point.   But until then, I present you Old New Borrowed Blue (1/1), vignette from The Senator's Wife set 5 months after RotS and three months after Small Mercies.  It's rated adult for language and explicit sexual content.  Padme/Vader with mentions of Padme/Bail.

2.13.08    Here's my Valentine's Day update a day early.  I'm not sure why it's a Valentine's Day update since none of these are particularly romantic pieces, but it seemed like a convenient date.  After months and months of waiting, chapter 18 of Sins of the Father is finally up!  I also have another Vader/Angel vignette set in the SotF universe.  It's called When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best (1/1), adult rating for language and themes, but not sexual content.  It's set 7 years prior to the main SotF storyline.  The first of two (hopefully) The Senator's Wife updates is Small Mercies (1/1), rated teen.  Takes place very early in the series, about two months after RotS.   I'm really trying to get the second Senator's Wife update done so I can post it.  Hopefully tonight or tomorrow.

Yet another small update.  Patient History (1/1) has been added to The Senator's Wife series.  In the timeline, it takes place the morning after Negotiations.  It's rated Teen and features Darth Vader and Dr. Kyah Hess.

Quick little update:  A vignette set in the same universe as Sins of the Father is up.  It's called The Way of the Dragon (1/1).  It's set when Luke and Leia are about 3 years old.  Rated:  General.  A short look at Emperor Skywalker as a father.

Sorry.  I didn't realize that when I was messing with my site a few weeks ago, I inadvertently posted old versions of a couple of the index pages.  This error made certain chapters of Sins of the Father and The Senator's Wife inaccessible.  I think I've corrected all of it, but if you notice problems, please let me know.

A new chapter in The Senator's Wife titled Negotiations (1/1)is up.  It's Padme/Vader with adult content.  Chronologically it falls between Mine and Bloodlines.

I updated my fic recommendations page.  There are some fabulous stories there.  Please check them out.

Fic updates:  I have a new story.  It is un-betaed at this point.  To Serve in Heaven.  Also, Chapter 7 of The Journey Home is up.  Misc update:  I hope to have some additions to my recommended stories added soon.

10.23.07 - II  Fic update:  Everything He Never Wanted (1/1).  Vignette set in the same universe as Sins of the Father.  The story takes place two years before the main action of Sins of the Father.  Adult.  Vader/Angel.

10.23.07  Fic updates:  Chapter 6 of The Journey Home is up.  I have a new story which is currently untitled HERE.  It's post-ROTJ with Han, Leia and Luke.  If anyone has suggestions for titles, they would be appreciated.

Fic updates:  Chapter 15 of Sins of the Father is available in both teen and adult ratings.  Chapter 5 of The Journey Home is up.

 I re-organized my site.  It's not pretty, but it hopefully is functional.  People have been asking about Sins of the Father and I am working on the next chapter.  My next update should be the next chapter of that story.

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